07-07-2015 Half-yearly and annual prudential reports are changing for payment institutions

The half-yearly and annual prudential reporting forms made available to payment institutions via e-Line are changing. The changes are being made to bring the reporting forms into line with the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) and Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRD IV).
The changes
The changes are as follows:
-       Two new reporting forms are being introduced, which are aligned with FINREP and COREP reports. The FINREP-COREP system is already used for the supervision of banks and investment firms. FINREP (FINancial REPort) includes the balance sheet, profit and loss account and extra tabs for entering supporting disclosures regarding the balance sheet. The COREP (COmmon REPort) includes the statement of regulatory capital and details of the method used to determine the institution's actual own funds.
-       The actual own funds detailed in the COREP are no longer automatically extracted from the FINREP, but have to be entered separately. The reason being that restrictions can sometimes apply to the use of balance sheet items for the calculation of the actual own funds. For more information, see the relevant sections of the CRR and the explanatory notes.
-       The FINREP has been brought into line with the IFRS/Dutch GAAP.
-       The FINREP now includes explanatory questions on extra tabs.
-       The reporting forms are now in English. 
Solo or consolidated reporting
With the introduction of the new reporting forms, it will soon be possible to submit consolidated reports. At the moment, payment institutions submit half-yearly reports on a solo basis. After the summer, however, guidelines will be issued on consolidated reporting.
What has not changed?
The mechanism for submitting reports remains the same: they have to be submitted via e-Line.
If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to infobetaalinstelling@dnb.nl.