01-12-2010 Closing dates for statements in 2011

The table below shows the closing dates for each statement.

NameStatementFrequencyClosing date
Annual statements 2010J101 to J903Annually30 June 2011
InvestmentsK101 to K205Quarterly30th working day
FTK premiumsK401Annually11 February 2011
FTK indexationK601Annually11 February 2011
RulesK602Annually11 February 2011
4th Quarter statements p.i.r.K101 to K502Annually11 February 2011
Z scoreK301Annually16 May 2011
Funding ratioM101Monthly5th working day


  • Reporting of the Z score is only relevant for industry-wide pension funds.
  • The Investments report is only relevant for pension funds engaged in investments for their own account and risk.
  • The 4th quarter statement for pension funds in recovery (p.i.r) contains the forms for Investments, FTK Premiums and Recovery Plan Evaluation.
    This set is only relevant for pension funds who have to submit a Recovery Plan Evaluation.