30-03-2012 XML Importspecs FTK Quarterly Statements Portfolio Investments published

From23 March 2012onwards the final XML-Importspecs of the FTK Quarterly Statements on Portfolio Investments are published online (see ‘XML-Import Specifications’). Those specs belong to the forms K101 - K205.

Also, the explanatory notes with regard to those forms are adopted in the official document “Aanwijzingen Kwartaal- en Jaarstaten Pensioenfondsen”. This document provides instructions about all Statements (see below ‘user documentation’). An English translation with explanatory notes about the FTK Investments Model will be made available in the course of April 2012. Furthermore, the list with ‘frequently asked questions’ was updated (see below under ‘user documentation’).

On Wednesday 18 April 2012 DNB organises a seminar about the new Portfolio Investment Statements especially for persons who are directly involved in the reporting of those forms to DNB. Invitations are already sent to all contacts that are known at DNB. A copy of this invitation was sent to pension funds councils for information.

Any questions concerning the content of the FTK Quarterly Statements on Portfolio Investments could be posed at the Helpdesk Pension Funds. By telephone: 020 5246260 or by e-mail: rapportages_pensioenfondsen@dnb.nl. Technical assistance can be obtained at the technical helpdesk by telephone: 020 5246111 or by e-mail: e-line@dnb.nl.