09-05-2014 Timely submission annual statements 2013

The deadline for submitting the FTK annual statements 2013 is June 30th 2014. Since the third quarter of 2013, a new policy on timely submission has been implemented. Not only do the annual statements have to be submitted on time via e-Line DNB, but the signed statements have to be on time as well. Only in that case does the pension fund meet the reporting requirements.
According to the new policy on timely submissions, DNB can fine a pension fund when it has not reported on time twice in the past 13 months.
As part of the FTK annual statements 3 signed statements have to be mailed to DNB. The board of trustees has to sign J104, the actuary has to sign J606 and the accountant has to sign J103. The pension fund will have to send these signed statements by mail to DNB. The pension fund has to send the statements after submitting the report in e-Line.
To make sure that these statements are on time, a scan of these statements can be e-mailed to jaarstaten_pensioenfondsen@dnb.nl, with a confirmation that these scans correspond to the documents sent by mail. DNB asks you to include the ID and name of the pension fund in the subject of the e-mail. It remains obligatory to send the declarations per mail. However, for the new policy on timely submission, the e-mail with the scanned documents is enough proof of timely reporting.