29-03-2018 First release XBRL taxonomy FTK reporting for pension funds published

First release XBRL taxonomy FTK reporting

On 29 March 2018, DNB published the first release of the XBRL-taxonomy for FTK reporting for pension funds. On the basis of this first release, pension funds can further prepare themselves for submitting supervisory reports via the Digitaal Loket Rapportages (DLR) based on the XBRL format starting from 2019 and onwards.

You can find the taxonomy with the Release Notes and a manual on the DLR page under the heading taxonomy specifications. This taxonomy now contains a limited number of validation rules. In mid-2018, DNB will publish a definitive first version 1.0 of the taxonomy including all validation rules. This first release is a preliminary version: changes can still occur in the lay-out and in the conceptual framework.

On the 14th of May, DNB organizes a technical meeting in which an explanation is given on the XBRL-taxonomy. The contact persons will receive an invitation for this. If you have questions about the XBRL taxonomy prior to this meeting, you can ask them via the email address XBRL@dnb.nl.

Pilot fourth quarter 2018

In the last three months of 2018 DNB will offer the possibility to submit a quarterly report in XBRL-format. This allows pension funds to check whether an XBRL-report can be submitted and passes the validation rules.

Form-based input option

At this moment DNB is developing a form-based input option for the FTK reports in the DLR. If pension funds use this option, they do not have to generate an XBRL-instance themselves. The corresponding Excel sheets have a different structure than the data model that is included in the taxonomy and will be published with the final version. It is expected that this input option will be available for the pilot from Q4 2018 in the DLR. The input option offered by DNB is a temporary solution.

For questions about this news item, please contact the Helpdesk Pensioenen (Rapportages_Pensioenfondsen@dnb.nl or 020-5246260).