03-09-2018 Release XBRL taxonomy version 1.0.1 FTK reporting for pension funds with optimized validation rules published

Release XBRL taxonomy version 1.0.1 FTK reporting

On September 3 2018, DNB published version 1.0.1 of the XBRL taxonomy of the FTK reports for pension funds. This release contains an optimized set of validation rules. The conceptual framework remains unchanged compared to version 1.0.0 that was published at the end of June and on the basis of which the preparation by pension funds for the upcoming pilot could be started. This set of validation rules will be used in the pilot in which DNB offers the possibility in the fourth quarter to submit a report in XBRL format or via the Excel input option. If DNB deems it necessary to carry out additional optimizations, these changes will be communicated via the website before the start of the pilot. Even then, the conceptual framework will not change so that the preparation for the pilot can be continued without delay.

You can find the taxonomy with the Release Notes and a manual on the DLR page of the Statistics website, under the heading taxonomy specifications.

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