08-03-2012 Annual reports Premium Pension Institutions available in e-Line DNB

As from now, the annual reports for Premium Pension Institutions are available on e-Line DNB. This is a container report, in which the annual reports can be attached. The annual reports are divided into two excel files. The first part is for certification of the accountant and the management, the second part is for certification of the management only. Both empty files are already attached in the report in e-Line DNB. The files need to be downloaded and saved. After that, the files can be filled out. After completion the files need to be attached in e-Line. In addition, the management report needs to be added as a separate attachment, and there is the possibility to add various other attachments. Next the annual reports can be submitted, after which a pdf-file of the report will be generated automatically. This pdf-file can be accessed through the option "Consult archives". From this file the two certification forms need to be printed and signed. The forms need to be send in on paper separately. The deadline for the annual reports is May 31, 2012.

For any questions about this report regarding content, please contact the Helpdesk, telephone: 020-524 6290 or e-mail: helpdesk-premiepensioeninstellingen@DNB.nl.