Statistics DNB

DNB launched a new statistics website, with a prominent role for visualisations. Click here to go directly to the new landing page.

On 30 January 2018, we launched our new statistics website. The statistics website has a new structure, with a more prominent role for visualisations. Key data are presented graphically on the dashboard page. Click here to go to the dashboard page.

The statistics data tables have been moved, and their set-up has also been changed. You can find the data from the tables you were looking for on the data search page, using theme and keyword filters. Alternatively, you can find the data from the "old" tables by entering the relevant table number in the search field. This may result in multiple hits, since most tables have been split up into several new tables. Click here to go to the data search page.

Please contact DNB's Information Desk if you have any questions or comments.