Open Book Supervision

Open Book Supervision is the web-based information portal on regulation, compliance and DNB policies with respect to prudential supervision.

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Public register

You have different possibilities for searching the registers. On this page you can search all registers at once with one or more search terms. Subsequently, by selecting your search result you can view the information concerned. In the menu on the left-handside you can find the different registers available. After selecting a specific register you can search within this register by using key words. You can limit the amount of search results by selecting one or more search filters/categories.

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InnovationHub AFM & DNB

The InnovationHub is joint initiative of the AFM and DNB and provides you with support on all queries you may have about supervision and regulations relating to innovative financial products and services. Our support is available to new and existing firms, regardless of whether they are subject to the supervision of the AFM or DNB.

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The banking union

The creation of European  banking supervision, known as the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), marks an important step towards the European banking union. The banking union consists of three pillars, the first of which is the SSM. The other two are a single resolution mechanism, which deals with banks that get into trouble, and a European deposit guarantee scheme.

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Parties wishing to enter the financial market must have permission to do so, for example in the form of a licence. They can submit an application for a licence to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

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Digital Supervision Portal (DLT)

We offer financial institutions two web-based services using our Digital Supervision Portal (DLT):

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Supervisory strategy

Once every four years we publish our Supervisory Strategy, in which we present our approach to supervision for the years to come.

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Governance, behaviour and culture

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) monitors the behaviour, cultural aspects and organisational set-up (governance) of supervised institutions.

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Tackling financial and economic crime: one of the two pillars of our supervision

We supervise financial institutions to safeguard financial stability and confidence in the financial sector.  There are two pillars to our approach: prudential supervision and integrity supervision. Prudential supervision focuses on ensuring the soundness of financial enterprises and a stable financial system.  Integrity supervision involves tackling financial and economic crime to maintain a clean and ethical financial sector.

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