Governance, behaviour and culture

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) monitors the behaviour, cultural aspects and organisational set-up (governance) of supervised institutions.

Human behaviour and governance are essential aspects in determining sound and ethical business operations. Through our supervision we want to direct institutions towards adopting desirable behaviour. This may be different for each institution and that is why we individually assess the risks ensuing from an organisation's conduct. In addition, we aim to strengthen institutions' soundness, integrity, financial performance and risk profile through our supervision of these aspects. We try to get to the root of problems and thus minimise future risks.


We perform examinations and on-site inspections at supervised financial institutions to analyse and understand their governance, behaviour and culture. We focus on the dynamics of the people and the structure of the organisations at group level. By combining qualitative and quantitative methods of investigation – such as desk research, surveys, interviews and board observations – we arrive at objective findings.

Knowledge exchange

Supervision of governance, behaviour and culture takes place both nationally and internationally. In the Netherlands, we work together with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). At an international level, we collaborate with other European and international supervisors in examinations. In various publications we share our views on this type of supervision with the sector and provide guidance. We also exchange views in order to further develop our supervision in this area.