Disruptions and maintenance

This section gives information about disruptions and scheduled maintenance.

Disruption eHerkenning KPN and Creaim/Reconi

Between 10-5-2019 and 15-5-2019, a disruption occured at two suppliers of eHerkenning (KPN and Creaim/Reconi). Below, you will find how to fix this if it affected your account.

What is the nature of this disruption?
The suppliers mentioned above provided a wrong identification code after logging into the Digital Supervision Portal (DLT). Therefore, the DLT could not recognize existing users and created a new account, with no possibilities to see any applications or other information of the original account.

How can you see if you are affected by this disruption?
If your account has been affected by this disruption, you will not see any previously submitted application, or information requests you have been notified about.

How can this be fixed?
To join the information of your new account with the original account, please follow these steps:

  1. Please contact the Connectis (supplier of eHerkenning) helpdesk by phone (088 660 1333) or send an email to support@autorisatieservices.nl, stating "problems with logging in", your username and the name of your eHerkenning provider (KPN or Creaim/Reconi). The helpdesk will configure your old identification code.
  2. When the first step is completed, please send an email to dlt@dnb.nl with the request to merge your accounts. Please use the email address entered in the user details section of DLT. We will then merge your applications.