Digital Supervision Portal (DLT)

We offer financial institutions two web-based services using our Digital Supervision Portal (DLT):

  • Supervisory applications
    This service allows financial institutions to digitally complete and submit their applications for licences, declarations of no-objection and fit and proper assessments. More information

  • Organisation details for supervision
    This service allows financial institutions to verify the contact details and other data pertaining to their board members, outsourcing partners and others, as registered in our files. The institutions can edit a number of details themselves. This service will initially be available for pension fundsĀ and premium pension institutions only, but it will gradually be made available to other institutions, and editing options will also be increased. More information.

The DLT is available 24/7.


The DLT uses eHerkenning (eRecognition) for authentication and licence purposes. As such, eHerkenning is similar to the DigiD authentication system for individuals. Use the button on the right to log in using eHerkenning. Please note that charges apply for using eHerkenning.

More information

Please read the relevant information under Licence, Declaration of no-objection, Assessments, Governance Outsourcing and Open Book Supervision before completing and submitting a form. The DLT is available 24/7.