Outsourcing notification by supervised institutions

Financial institutions and pension funds have a statutory obligation to report the outsourcing of their critical or important activities to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). See for more information, the general policy page on outsourcing on Open Book on Supervision Governance: Outsourcing, which contains links to sector-specific pages dealing with outsourcing.

Notifying outsourcing via the Digital Supervision Portal (DLT) 

Please use the DLT for reporting the outsourcing of activities. The DLT guides supervised institutions when they must submit an outsourcing notification. The DLT clearly states our expectations, so that it is evident to you which information you need to supply. This promotes an efficient assessment procedure.

If the third party to which you have outsourced activities in turn outsources all or part of these activities, this is referred to as subcontracting. This process could also be repeated, in which case there is an outsourcing chain. You should complete a separate notification form for each outsourcing contract. Any activities subcontracted out by the main service provider are considered to be part of the main outsourcing agreement notification.

You can read the Notes to the outsourcing notification form here.  
The explanatory notes have also been included in the notification form, at the relevant question, under ? The form also contains a link to our risk analysis template that you must complete. You can also download the template via the link below.

What should you report?

You must report any planned outsourcing of critical or important activities and functions relating to for instance IT and cloud services in advance. Please note that for pension funds and premium pension institutions, there are separate forms for the outsourcing of key functions and for the outsourcing of asset management activities.

You must submit a new notification form if there are substantial changes to an existing outsourcing or subcontracting arrangement, or to relevant circumstances. If this is the case, or if your notification relates to a previous notification, we ask you to include the case number of this previous notification in the Notes sections.

Who must complete this form?

Any authorised signatory of your institution may complete the form in the DLT. To use the DLT, you need to have an active eHerkenning login token. You must also be authorised to use our "Supervisory applications" web service,which is one of the services we provide subject to eHerkenning. You can find more information on the eHerkenning website.

The notification will be linked to the signatory who submits it, who will have access to the information on the notification in the DLT.

Change in circumstances

You must inform us promptly and on your own initiative of any change in circumstances that would lead you to answer the questions in this form differently.
You must also inform us if you decide not to proceed with the outsourcing. A “termination of outsourcing” functionality will become available in the DLT in due course. Until then you can report changes by sending an email to your DNB contact.

What will happen to your notification?

Once you have completed the form in the DLT, we will send you an email to confirm its receipt. You only need to notify us of your plans to outsource activities; you do not require our prior approval. After having received your notification, we will consider the information in our regular, risk-based supervision. If we have any questions about the notification we will send you a request for additional information through the DLT. If we do not have any further questions or once you have answered all of our questions, you will receive a final confirmation through the DLT. Please see our website for more information about the DLT.

Further information

For technical questions, you can contact our ICT Service Desk.
Email: ict-servicedesk@dnb.nl 
Telephone:  +31 20 524 6111 on business days between 08:00 and 18:00.

For other, non-technical questions you can contact us as follows.
Telephone: +31 20 1068 on business days between 09:00 and 17:00.