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Statutory name: A. Ali Vertaal-, Tolk- en Adviesbureau
Trade name: Shabelle Shop, A. Ali Vertaal-, Tolk- en Adviesbureau, AA Zorgverlener, Shabelle Express
Address: Th A Kempisstraat 101
Postal code: 8021 BL
Place of residence: ZWOLLE
Country: Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce 08159475
Relation number DNB: R104758
Category Payment institution
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Business address

Address:Place of residence:Country:
Th A Kempisstraat 101ZWOLLENetherlands

Mailing address

Address:Place of residence:Country:
Thomas a Kempisstraat 101ZWOLLENetherlands


Financial serviceActivity / BrancheDate of entranceEnddate
Dutch payment services agent of a dutch payment institution (PSD2 - WFT 2:3c)6. Money remittance.19-02-2019

Group heads

NameAddress:Place of residence
B.V. Suri-ChangeWest-Kruiskade 41 CROTTERDAM
Stichting Nedsom Financial ServicesKamp 71AMERSFOORT