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Statutory name: Aeloria Limited
Trade name:
Address: Canada Square 1
Postal code: E14 5EE
Place of residence: LONDON
Country: United Kingdom

Relation number DNB: R162213
Category Payment institution
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  2. EU-passport (in)


Business address

Address:Place of residence:Country:
Canada Square 1LONDONUnited Kingdom

EU-passport (in)

EU passport (in)ActivityDate of entrance
Cross-border services provided in the Netherlands by EEA-based payment institution (PSD2 - WFT 2:3e)1. Services enabling cash to be placed on a payment account as well as all the operations required for operating a payment account.26-04-2019
3a. Execution of direct debits, including one-off direct debits.26-04-2019
3b. Execution of payment transactions through a debit card or similar device.26-04-2019
3c. Execution of credit transfers, including standing orders.26-04-2019
5.1 Issuing of payment instruments.26-04-2019
5.2 Acquiring of payment transactions.26-04-2019