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Statutory name: Demir-Halk Bank (Nederland) N.V.
Trade name: DHB Bank
Address: Weena 780
Postal code: 3014 DA
Place of residence: ROTTERDAM
Country: Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce 24199853
Relation number DNB: B0548
Category Bank
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Business address

Address:Place of residence:Country:
Weena 780ROTTERDAMNetherlands

Mailing address

Address:Place of residence:Country:
Postbus 23294ROTTERDAMNetherlands


Financial serviceActivity / BrancheDate of entranceEnddate
2:13(1) Carrying on the business of a bank01. Acceptance of deposits and other repayable funds31-12-1992
02. Lending31-12-1992
03. Financial leasing31-12-1992
04. Payment services as referred to in Article 4(3) of Directive 2015/236631-12-1992
05. Issuing and administering means of payment (e.g. credit cards, travellers' cheques and bankers' drafts)31-12-1992
06. Guarantees and commitments31-12-1992
7a. Money market instruments (cheques, bills, certificates of deposit, etc.);31-12-1992
7b. Foreign exchange31-12-1992
7c. Financial futures and options;31-12-1992
7d. Exchange rate and interest rate instruments31-12-1992
07e. Transferable securities31-12-1992
08. Participation in securities issues and the provision of services related to such issues31-12-1992
09. Advice to undertakings on capital structure, corporate strategy and related questions and advice as well as services relating to mergers and the purchase of undertakings31-12-1992
10. Money broking31-12-1992
11. Portfolio management and advice31-12-1992
12. Safekeeping and administration of securities31-12-1992
13. Credit reference services31-12-1992
14. Safe custody services31-12-1992
15. Issuance of electronic money31-12-1992