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Statutory name: Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Limited
Trade name: Liberty Specialty Markets
Address: Koninginnegracht 22
Postal code: 2514 AB
Place of residence: 'S-GRAVENHAGE
Country: Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce 34252275
Relation number DNB: W1946
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Business address

Address:Place of residence:Country:
Koninginnegracht 22'S-GRAVENHAGENetherlands

Mailing address

Address:Place of residence:Country:
Koninginnegracht 22'S-GRAVENHAGENetherlands

EU-passport (in)

EU passport (in)ActivityDate of entrance
2:35 EEA-based SII non-life insurer with branch in NLS01. Accident insurance08-04-2019
S02. Health insurance08-04-2019
S03. Motor vehicle insurance08-04-2019
S04. Railway rolling stock insurance08-04-2019
S05. Aircraft hull insurance08-04-2019
S06. Marine hull insurance08-04-2019
S07. Goods-in-transit insurance08-04-2019
S08. Fire and natural forces insurance08-04-2019
S09. Other property damage insurance08-04-2019
S10a. Motor vehicle liability insurance08-04-2019
S10b. Road transport liability insurance08-04-2019
S11. Aircraft liability insurance08-04-2019
S12. Marine liability insurance (sea, lake & river and canal vessels)08-04-2019
S13. General liability insurance08-04-2019
S14. Credit insurance08-04-2019
S15. Suretyship08-04-2019
S16. Pecuniary loss insurance08-04-2019
S17. Legal assistance insurance08-04-2019
S18. Assistance08-04-2019

Legal representative

NameRoleDate of entrance
G. van LoonLegal representative15-07-2014