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Statutory name: ABN AMRO Life S.A.
Trade name:
Address: avenue JF Kennedy 46
Postal code: L-1855
Place of residence: LUXEMBURG
Country: Luxembourg
Disclosure: Deze verzekeraar valt onder toezicht van / this insurance company is supervised by the Commissariat aux Assurances at Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Relation number DNB: R123772
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Business address

Address:Place of residence:Country:
avenue JF Kennedy 46LUXEMBURGLuxembourg

EU-passport (in)

EU passport (in)ActivityDate of entrance
2:38(1) Carrying on the business of a life insurer (EEA)L01. Life insurance - general11-03-1999
L02. Life insurance related to marriage or birth11-03-1999
L03. Life insurance linked to common funds11-03-1999
L06. Capitalisation activities11-03-1999
L07. Collective pension funds management11-03-1999