Register of exchange institutions

A exchange institution must have an authorisation to provide her activities based upon Article 2 Section (54j) of the Wft unless the exchange institution has an exemption. The exempted exchange institutions are also in this register. The exempted are not supervised by the DNB. Exchange institutions which are authorised under the Wft will not be registered in the register for exchange institutions.

Due to the transfer of the register on the supervision on exchange institutions into the Wft is the Act on the supervision on money transfer offices as per 1 July 2012 withdrawn. The money transfer offices which were then registered as a money transfer office are then by law registered as an exchange institution.

In this register you will also find (foreign) institutions which issue exchange activities through a branchoffice. There are branchoffices from dedicated states and non-dedicated states. These branchoffices are supervised in the home state. Brnachoffices from non-dedicated states are authorised by the DNB en are supervised by the DNB.

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