Parties wishing to enter the financial market must have permission to do so, for example in the form of a licence. They can submit an application for a licence to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

Dutch consumers and the economy as a whole stand to benefit from a varied range of financial products and services, which is why we welcome new and innovative parties on the market. A safe, innovative, reliable and responsible financial sector can contribute to sustainable prosperity in the Netherlands, which is what DNB seeks to achieve.

Market access

You can find a sector-based overview of all relevant information on gaining access to the Dutch financial market on our Open Book on Supervision website, under Market access. These pages provide answers to questions such as: When do I need permission from DNB to enter the market? What are the requirements? What does the licence application process look like? The pages also contain information on declarations of no-objection, establishing a branch office, and providing services from abroad to the Netherlands. You can use the Digital Supervision Portal to submit your application. Watch the animation about the practical aspects of applying for a licence.




If you are an innovative financial services or products provider, you can visit the InnovationHub, a joint initiative of supervisors DNB and the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), with any questions you may have about the applicability of rules and regulations.