Supervisory strategy

Once every four years we publish our Supervisory Strategy, in which we present our approach to supervision for the years to come.

We have set out our strategy for the supervision of financial institutions for the 2018-2022 period and have defined three key focus areas: responding to technological innovation, fostering future orientation and sustainability, and taking a hard stance against financial and economic crime. Our Supervisory Strategy aims to inform financial institutions of how we intend to integrate these key focus areas into our work, and offers a clear perspective for all parties involved.

Supervisory Strategy 2014-2018

The focus of our previous Supervisory Strategy was on becoming a prominent player in European banking supervision (Single Supervisory Mechanism, SSM) based on thorough analysis, with an emphasis on integrity supervision and organising our supervision as transparently as possible. The new Supervisory Strategy 2018-2022 continues to build on these objectives.