Banknote opinion polls: a method for collecting customer feedback on banknote design

DNB Betalingsverkeer
Publicatiedatum 28 maart 2008

In 2002 DNB introduced the motto 'DNB Knowledge Bank'. Payment systems, one of them being cash, are pointed out by DNB's board as one of the three main knowledge areas of DNB, together with super vision and monetary policy. To support this policy further, the first DNB Cash Seminar was held in Amsterdam on 28 - 29 February 2008. This paper is one of the subjects presented by DNB, contributing to the Seminar's theme 'Consumer research on banknote design'. The paper presents the findings of the 13 opinion polls held by DNB since 1983. These findings are split in two parts: a) unique time series like the public's knowledge of security features and b) recommendations to come to better banknote design. Also other ways to come to public input for banknote design are mentioned.