DNB Staff Reports

Hierin werden de resultaten van het wetenschappelijk onderzoek van de Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) gepubliceerd. Eind 2004 zijn de Staff Reports echter opgegaan in de reeks Working Papers.


De Engelstalige Staff Reports zijn alleen beschikbaar als PDF-bestand. U kunt deze hieronder downloaden. 

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Overzicht van Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Titel of themaDatum
111 - Bank Provisioning Behaviour and Procyclicality december 2003
Jacob A. Bikker and Paul A.J. Metzemakers
110 - Corporate Investment and FinancingConstraints: Connections with Cash Management november 2003
Allard Bruinshoofd
109 - Foreign Banks and Credit Stability in Central and Eastern Europe november 2003
Ralph de Haas and Iman van Lelyveld
108 - On Wage Formation, Wage Development and Flexibility: A comparison between European countries and the United States oktober 2003
Marga Peeters and Ard den Reijer
107 - Forecasting inflation: An art as well as a science! augustus 2003
Ard H.J. den Reijer and Peter J.G. Vlaar
106 - The (A)symmetry of Shocks in the EMU augustus 2003
Bastiaan A. Verhoef
105 - Central Bank Transparency in Theory and Practice juli 2003
Maria Demertzis and Andrew Hughes Hallett
104 - The Impact of the Single Market on the Effectiveness of ECB Monetary Policy mei 2003
Paul Cavelaars
103 - Robust versus Optimal Rules in Monetary Policy: A note april 2003
Maria Demertzis and Alexander F.Tieman
102 - On the influence of capital requirements on competition and risk taking in banking februari 2003
Peter J.G.Vlaar
101 - Is Wealth Increasingly Driving Consumption? januari 2003
Tamim Bayoumi, Hali Edison
97 - Global vs.Local Competition januari 2003
Patrick Legros, Konrad Stahl
95 - Financial Globalization and Monetary Policy januari 2003
Helmut Wagner, Wolfram Berger
82 - On the Strenght of the US Dollar: Can it be Explained by Output Growth? januari 2003
P.J.G. Vlaar
96 - Fancy a stay at the "Hotel California "? Foreign Direct Investment,Taxation and Exit Costs december 2002
Holger Görg
16-30 van 104 resultaten