DNB Staff Reports

Hierin werden de resultaten van het wetenschappelijk onderzoek van de Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) gepubliceerd. Eind 2004 zijn de Staff Reports echter opgegaan in de reeks Working Papers.


De Engelstalige Staff Reports zijn alleen beschikbaar als PDF-bestand. U kunt deze hieronder downloaden. 

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Overzicht van Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Titel of themaDatum
99 - The Importance of Multinational Companies for Global Economic Linkages december 2002
W.Jos Jansen, Ad C.J.Stokman
93 - Is Financial Market Volatility Informative to Predict Recessions? november 2002
N. Valckx, M.J.K.de Ceuster and J. Annaert
100 - Globalisation and Market Structure november 2002
J.Peter Neary
94 - The Trilemma in History: Tradeoffs among Exchange Rates, Monetary Policies, and Capital Mobility oktober 2002
Maurice Obstfeld, Jay C.Shambaugh, Alan M.Taylor
92 - Does Competition Enhancement Have Permanent Inflation Effects? september 2002
P.A.D. Cavelaars
91 - Foreign Bank Penetration and Private Sector Credit in Central and Eastern Europe juli 2002
R.T.A. de Haas and I.P.P. van Lelyveld
89 - The Timing of EU Expansion and the Real Exchange Rate juni 2002
P.A.D. Cavelaars
88 - Aiming for the Bull's Eye: Inflation Targeting under Uncertainty juni 2002
M. Demertzis and N. Viegi
87 - Efficiency and Cost Differences across Countries in a Unified European Banking Market juni 2002
J.A. Bikker
78 - Exchange Rates and Fundamentals a Non-Linear Relationship? juni 2002
P. de Grauwe and I. Vansteenkiste
90 - Spillover of Domestic Regulation to Emerging Markets juni 2002
A.F. Tieman
80 - External Wealth, the Trade Balance, and the Real Exchange Rate juni 2002
Ph.R. Lane and G.M. Milesi-Ferretti
86 - Cyclical Patterns in Profits, Provisioning and Lending of Banks mei 2002
J.A. Bikker and H. Hu
85 - Double Discretion, International Spillovers and the Welfare Implications of Monetary Unification mei 2002
P.A.D. Cavelaars
84 - The Welfare Cost of Structural Distortions and Stochastic Shocks mei 2002
P.A.D. Cavelaars
31-45 van 104 resultaten