DNB Staff Reports

Hierin werden de resultaten van het wetenschappelijk onderzoek van de Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) gepubliceerd. Eind 2004 zijn de Staff Reports echter opgegaan in de reeks Working Papers.


De Engelstalige Staff Reports zijn alleen beschikbaar als PDF-bestand. U kunt deze hieronder downloaden. 

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Overzicht van Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Titel of themaDatum
50 - Regulation and the Evolution of the Financial Services Industry augustus 2000
A.W.A. Boot and S. Dezelan and T.T. Milbourn
49 - Optimal Bail Out Policy, Conditionality and Constructive Ambiguity juni 2000
X. Freixas
46 - The Effects of Capital Inflows in Thailand, 1980-96 april 2000
W.J. Jansen
44 - Output Gap and Inflation in the EU april 2000
W. Bolt and P.J.A. van Els
43 - Achieving Price Stability in the Euro Zone: Monetary or Inflation Targeting? april 2000
H.M.M. Peeters
48 - Banking and Currency Crises and Systemic Risk: A Taxonomy and Review maart 2000
G.G. Kaufman
47 - Systemic Risk, Interbank Relations and Liquidity Provision by the Central Bank januari 2000
X. Freixas, B. Parigi and J-C. Rochet
42 - Efficiency in the European Banking Industry: an Exploratory Analysis to Rank Countries oktober 1999
J.A. Bikker
35 - The Exchange Rate and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Germany juni 1999
F. Smets and R. Wouters
37 - Co-Movements in Long-Term Interest Rates and the Role of PPP-Based Exchange Rate Expectations april 1999
J.M. Berk and K.H.W. Knot
36 - Monetary Transmission and Controllability of Money in Europe: a Structural Vector Error Correction Approach april 1999
P.J.G. Vlaar and H. Schuberth
40 - Value-at-Risk Analysis of Stock Returns Historical Simulation, Variance Techniques or Tail Index Estimation? maart 1999
R.W.J. van den Goorbergh and P.J.G. Vlaar
39 - Credit Channels and Consumption: European Evidence maart 1999
G.J. de Bondt
38 - Fiscal Restraints, ECB Credibility and the Stability Pact: A Game-Theoretic Perspective februari 1999
W. Bolt
32 - Relative Wage Concern: the Missing Piece in the Contract Multiplier? november 1998
G. Ascari and J. A. Garcia
76-90 van 104 resultaten