DNB Staff Reports

Hierin werden de resultaten van het wetenschappelijk onderzoek van de Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) gepubliceerd. Eind 2004 zijn de Staff Reports echter opgegaan in de reeks Working Papers.


De Engelstalige Staff Reports zijn alleen beschikbaar als PDF-bestand. U kunt deze hieronder downloaden. 

91-104 van 104 resultaten
Overzicht van Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Titel of themaDatum
31 - Persistent Terms of Trade Effects of Nominal Shocks november 1998
T.M. Andersen and N.C. Beier
30 - Nominal Wage Contracts, Adjustment Costs and Real Persistence of Monetary Shocks november 1998
C.K. Folkertsma
29 - Nominal Wage Contracts, Adjustment Costs and Real Persistence of Monetary Shocks november 1998
S. Hendry and G-J. Zhang
34 - The Precarious Fiscal Foundations of EMU november 1998
C.A. Sims
33 - Taylor Rules in a Limited Participation Model november 1998
L.J. Christiano and C.J. Gust
23 - Credit and Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy in Six EU Countries: an Overview april 1998
G.J. de Bondt
22 - On the Asymptotic Distribution of Impulse Response Functions with Long Run Restrictions april 1998
P.J.G. Vlaar
28 - Moderate Monetarism: A Brief Survey of Dutch Monetary Policy in the Post-War Period januari 1998
I.J.M de Greef, P.L.C. Hilbers and L.H. Hoogduin
17 - EUROMON: a Macroeconometric Multi-Country Model for the EU juni 1997
G.J. de Bondt, P.J.A. van Els and A.C.J. Stokman
12 - Real Business Cycles in Open Economies: Statistical Evidence for the Netherlands juni 1997
P.J.A. van Els
009 - On Substitutability Among Domestic Money and Cross-border Deposits juni 1997
M.M.G. Fase
008 - Measuring Inflation: an Attempt to Operationalize Carl Menger’s Concept of the Inner Value of Money juni 1997
M.M.G. Fase and C.K. Folkertsma
007 - Terms of Payment in International Trade juni 1996
A.C.J. Stokman
001 - Electronic Money, Currency Demand and Seignorage Loss in the G10 Countries juni 1996
W.C. Boeschoten and G.E. Hebbink
91-104 van 104 resultaten