nr 021 - New Architectures in the Regulation and Supervision of Financial Markets and Institutions: The Netherlands

DNB Working Papers
Publicatiedatum 15 december 2004
In recent years, several European Union member states have modified the institutional design of financial supervision. These reforms pose the question which considerations have led to the different models chosen in these countries. We analyse the considerations in the Netherlands leading to the choice in 2002 of the twin -peaks model of financial supervision. The new model is based on the objectives of supervision. Thus, a separate authority is responsible for conduct-ofbusiness supervision, whereas a merged central bank and pensions and insurance board take care of prudential supervision. The authorities share responsibility for financial integrity issues. The main conclusion of this paper is that the size, composition and structure of the financial sector in the Netherlands constitute the main rationale behind the choice for a twin-peaks model of financial supervision. Key words: financial supervision, institutions, single supervisor, financial conglomerates JEL classification: G18, G28, N24