Internationaal Seminarprogramma

Dit seminarprogramma is in principe bedoeld voor stafmedewerkers van centrale banken uit landen die deel uitmaken van de IMF/België-Nederlandse kiesgroep waarvan Nederland voorzitter is. Het programma richt zich op het uitwisselen van kennis en ervaringen op het gebied van centrale banken.


The Technical cooperation International Seminar Programme of De Nederlandsche Bank is aimed in principle at the staff of central banks of countries forming part of the IMF/Belgium-Dutch constituency headed by The Netherlands. However, we may also invite other central banks to attend individual seminars; this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The purpose of the seminar programme is twofold:

  • To present some recent developments in respect of specific central banking issues from the perspective of De Nederlandsche Bank, also as a member of the European System of Central Banks.
  • To exchange views on specific central banking issues in order to learn from each other’s experiences. This implies that the precise content of the seminars will be determined in part by the specific wishes of the prospective participants. During some of the seminars participants might be invited to give a presentation on topics in their field of expertise. Therefore, a good command of English is required.
    We welcome any comment on the content of the seminar.



16 February 2018

Central bank communication and transparency (by invitation only)

12-13 April 2018

Insurance supervision: Implementation of Solvency II – two years later

7-8 May 2018

Working Agile in a central bank

5-8 June 2018

Internal audit: keeping pace with developments

24-27 September 2018

Payments and market infrastructures

1-2 October 2018

Operational monetary policy

15-17 October 2018

On-site banking supervision in practice

5-6 November 2018

Strengthening cyber-resilience in the financial sector