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25 juli 2012 Onderzoek Toezichtlabel Working Papers

This paper investigates the network structure of interbank markets, which has proved to be important for financial stability during the crisis. First, we describe and map the interbank network in the Netherlands, an exception in the literature because of its small and open banking environment. Secondly, we follow recent analyses of interbank markets of Germany and Italy in estimating the Core Periphery model, using data for the Netherlands instead. We find a significant Core Periphery structure and discuss model selection. The overall analysis opens up new opportunities for systemic risk assessments of the interbank market, especially as more granular data is becoming available for the eurozone.
Keywords: Interbank networks, Core-periphery, loan intermediation.
JEL classifications: G10, G21, L14.

Working paper no. 348

348 - Finding the core: Network structure in interbank markets

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  • Iman van Lelyveld
  • Daan in ’t Veld