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01 oktober 2018 Onderzoek Toezichtlabel Working Papers
We analyze the relationship between ECB monetary policy and international lending by Dutch financial institutions. Our results suggest that banks hardly change their foreign lending in response to policy changes. We find some evidence in support of the portfolio channel (in response to a contractionary shock, better capitalized banks increase their foreign lending less than banks with lower capital) and the bank lending channel (larger banks lend more after a contractionary shock than small banks). Insurers and pension funds do not respond to ECB monetary policy, but increase lending when banks in the host country are constrained by prudential regulation.
Keywords: Monetary policy, international banking, pension funds, insurers, spillovers.
JEL classifications: F42, F44, G15, G21.
Working paper no. 609

609 - Spillovers of monetary policy across borders: International lending of Dutch banks, insurers and pension funds



  • Jon Frost
  • Patty Duijm
  • Clemens Bonner
  • Leo de Haan