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07 januari 2021 Onderzoek

We analyze the impact of a requirement similar to the Basel III Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) on conventional monetary policy implementation. Combining unique data sets of Dutch banks from 2002 to 2005, we find that the introduction of the LCR impacts banks’ behaviour in open market operations. After the introduction of the LCR, banks bid for higher volumes and pay higher interest rates for central bank funds. In line with theory, banks reduce their reliance on overnight and short term unsecured funding. We do not observe a worsening of collateral quality pledged in open market operations. Thus, to correctly anticipate an open market operation’s effect on interest rates, monetary policy requires central banks to consider not only the size of the operation, but also how it impacts banks’ liquidity management and compliance with the LCR.

Keywords: Liquidity regulation, monetary policy implementation, financial intermediation, banks, open market operations.
JEL classifications: G18, G21, E42.

Working paper no. 703

nr. 703 - The ‘new normal’ during normal times – liquidity regulation and conventional monetary policy



  • Sînziana Kroon
  • Clemens Bonner
  • Iman van Lelyveld
  • Jan Wrampelmeyer