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Corporate culture and behaviour: A survey

Working Papers

Gepubliceerd: 29 december 2011

Drawing on the literature on organizational psychology, this paper discusses the potential of studying corporate culture and organizational behaviour for financial supervision. First, we discuss how corporate culture is often linked to long-term firm performance. From that perspective, factoring in corporate culture seems worthwhile. Second, the literature on organizational psychology suggests many pitfalls regarding leadership and group decision-making, which would be relevant to monitor. The realization that these mechanisms may materialize seems an important starting point for supervision. Finally, behaviour is often driven by deeper norms and values. To understand these mechanisms, interviews and survey questionnaires would be useful instruments.

Keywords: corporate culture, organizational behaviour, leadership, groups, supervision.
JEL Codes: D22, G20, G30, L20, M14.

Working paper no. 334

334 - Corporate culture and behaviour: A survey

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