05-07-2019 Updated reporting instructions for the submission of RRE June 2019 report

Please be informed that the go-live of model version 1.1.2 will be postponed. This means that reporting agents cannot submit the RRE report on reference period June 2019 until further notice. We expect that the go-live will take place on Monday 15 July, a confirmation of that will be posted in the course of next week. The delay in the go-live has of course no repercussions for meeting the reporting deadline of the RRE report on June 2019. Although we cannot change the reporting deadline in DLR, reporting agents will be allowed to submit the June report in the course of August as well (deadline being 30 August).

For those reporting agents which have open resubmission obligations for older reference periods, these reports can be submitted normally following model version 1.0.8. until version 1.1.2 goes live.