01-07-2019 Reporting instruction for sending in RRE data in the first week of July

For the RRE report, the 1.0.8 version of the model will be available for one more week. This means that this week (1 July up to and including 7 July) reporting agents are able to send in all reference dates starting from December 2017 up to and including March 2019 according to the 1.0.8 specifications. We kindly ask the reporting agent to wait sending in reference period June 2019, and start reporting this reference period from Monday 8 July onwards according to the new 1.1.2 specifications. Sending in the June 2019 report this week, will result in validation errors as the report will be checked against the 1.0.8 model.

In addition, from Friday 5 July 09:00 until Saturday 6 July 09:00, due to system migrations, it will not be possible at all to send in AnaCredit and RRE reports.