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14 april 2022 Toezicht Toezichtlabel Factsheet

The European Banking Authority is collecting data via the competent authorities on diversity practices, diversity policies and the gender pay gap at the level of the management body and has for this purpose issued an information request under Article 35 of the EBA founding regulation.

In order to benchmark diversity practices, diversity policies and the gender pay gap and the respective developments since the publication of the last EBA diversity benchmarking report in February 2020 (2018 data), considering the recommendation of the European Commission to benchmark diversity practices at least every three years, De Nederlandsche Bank is now collecting data from a representative sample of institutions in the Netherlands. The AFM will perform the benchmark under investment firms in the Netherlands.

The EBA will establish an anonymised database with the data received from this benchmarking exercise and will use the data to discharge its tasks and perform its role in accordance with the relevant legislation. EBA will incorporate the data into a progress report on diversity within the European financial sector. All data submitted to the EBA according to this exercise is covered by the EU law framework of professional secrecy and confidentiality as applicable to the EBA. Access to the data is granted only in conformity with the EBA Regulation. The data will be collected in line with the requirements under the applicable general data protection regulation. None of the questions are meant to be discriminatory in any way, they are necessary to take stock of existing diversity practices.

The Diversity Practices Questionnaire will be available in DLR. The reporting deadline is 31 May 2022. You can find the Questionnaire below



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