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Is everyone’s money protected?

The Dutch Deposit Guarantee automatically protects the money of all individuals and almost all firms and other organisations up to €100,000. The only exceptions are government organisations and financial firms.

What is deposit guarantee?

A deposit is a sum of money you hold with your bank, for example in a payment account or a savings account. Deposit guarantee means that the money in your bank accounts is guaranteed up to €100,000, even if your bank goes bankrupt.. The guarantee does not protect any products that are not deposits, such as investment products – including shares and bonds – insurance products or cryptos like bitcoin.

Who is protected?

The deposit guarantee applies to all account holders, such as:

  • adults and minors
  • individuals and firms
  • foundations and other non-profit organisations

The only exceptions are government organisations and financial firms.

Which bank accounts are protected by deposit guarantee?

All of your bank accounts are covered by the deposit guarantee. These include:

  • payment accounts
  • savings accounts, including fixed-term deposits in which your money is tied up for a certain period of time
  • joint accounts: if you share an account with someone else, both of you benefit from the maximum protection of €100,000, meaning your guaranteed amount totals €200,000. The maximum amount applies to all accounts combined, including any other accounts that you hold in addition to a joint account with the same bank.

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