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Does the deposit guarantee also apply to my business accounts?

Yes, your private and business accounts are both protected up to €100,000. If you are running a business, the maximum protection depends on the legal form of your business.

Funds held in business accounts are protected

Are you a sole trader or self-employed business owner? The Dutch Deposit Guarantee also protects the funds in your business accounts. If you want to determine how your business’ money is protected, you first need to know what its legal form is.

Sole trader

If you own a one-person business without legal personality, then the funds in your business accounts are added to the balances you hold in your private accounts. This means your protection totals €100,000 per person, per bank.

Private limited liability company (BV)

Is your company a private limited company under Dutch law (BV)? As a BV is a legal entity, its funds are protected separately from your private bank accounts up to €100,000.

Calculation example

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Do you have a business accounts

Suppose you are a self-employed business owner with €90,000 in a business account and €20,000 in a private account with the same bank. Then the amounts are added together. Of the total amount of €110,000 you will be covered for €100,000.

If your company is a BV, however, the two accounts are considered separately. This means you will be compensated €20,000 for your private account. and your business will be covered for the €90,000 in the business account.