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How do I get my money back?

Should your bank ever go bankrupt, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) will publish information about the deposit guarantee on this website and in national media. Shortly after that, we will send you a letter. This ensures that everyone gets the information they need to claim compensation.

Steps in the compensation procedure

Broadly speaking, these are the steps involved in the procedure:

1. We will send you a letter outlining the action you need to take.
2. To get your money back, you will need an account at another bank. Do you not have one? Then you can open it first.
3. Within seven business days, we will launch a website, where you can log in with your digital ID (DigiD), issued by the Dutch government. All the money you have in the failed bank will be shown in a convenient overview, including savings and payment accounts.
4. You can have the total amount transferred in one go. After you have entered your new account number and have registered using your DigiD, the pay-out process will start.

The money will be in your other bank account within several business days.

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