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Sustainable Finance Platform

Forging connections, encouraging action, promoting partnerships: that is the purpose of the Sustainable Finance Platform. Through this platform, the financial sector, supervisory authorities and government ministries work together on sustainability initiatives.


In 2016, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) established the Sustainable Finance Platform. The ambition of the platform is to promote sustainability in the Netherlands, for example by removing barriers to sustainable financing and collaborating on sustainability initiatives. Platform chair Olaf Sleijpen points out that many financial institutions are launching valuable initiatives. “The platform enables them to connect with one another, with the government and supervisory authorities." This provides a powerful impulse to sustainable finance.''

The information and publications on this page reflect the considerations and efforts of the Sustainable Finance Platform. As a member of this platform, DNB supports the platform’s effort, but the content does not necessarily represent the official position of DNB.

Vision, strategy and operating principles - Sustainable Finance Platform.

Download Vision, strategy and operating principles - Sustainable Finance Platform.


Ten organisations are currently working together in the Sustainable Finance Platform.

De Nederlandsche Bank (chair)
Olaf Sleijpen, Executive Director

Dutch Banking Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken)
Medy van der Laan, Chair

Dutch Association of Insurers (Verbond van Verzekeraars)
Richard Weurding, Managing Director

Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association
Jeroen van Wijngaarden, Managing Director

Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds
Ger Jaarsma, Chair

Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets
Laura van Geest, Chair of the Executive Board

Ministry of Finance
Joost Smits, Director of the Financial Markets Directorate

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
Niels Redeker, Deputy Director of the Climate Division

Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Donné Slangen, Director-General for Nature and Fisheries

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
René Vrugt, Director of the Soil, Spatial Planning and Climate Adaptation Directorate

Marieke Spijkerboer, Director of the Sustainable Living Environment and Circular Economy Directorate

Sustainable Finance Lab
Rens van Tilburg, Managing Director7

Jellie Banga, member of the Executive Board

What the Sustainable Finance Platform does

Each year, the platform's working groups select a number of themes to work on. Each working group represents a wide range of parties from the financial sector and other relevant actors. The working group members work out the timelines and steps to be taken for each of the themes. Their findings are presented to the platform and published. The working groups also present their findings at the platform's annual conference.

The platform meets twice a year.

The working groups are:

More information

For more information, please contact Tobias Oudejans via +31652496961.

The Impact Of Carbon Pricing (2022)

Download The Impact Of Carbon Pricing (2022)

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