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Macrodata for the IMF

Working together with Statistics Netherlands, DNB publishes the National Summary Data Page with daily updated macroeconomic and financial and economic key data, in line with the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standard.

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Data category National website SDMX data
National accounts CBS SDMX-ML
Sectoral balance sheets CBS SDMX-ML
Production index CBS SDMX-ML
Employment CBS SDMX-ML
Unemployment CBS SDMX-ML
Wages/earnings CBS SDMX-ML
Consumer Price Index (CPI) CBS SDMX-ML
Producer Price Index (PPI) CBS SDMX-ML
General Government Operations CBS SDMX-ML
General Government Debt CBS SDMX-ML
Central Government Operations DNB SDMX-ML
Central Government Debt CBS SDMX-ML
Other Financial Corporations Survey CBS SDMX-ML
Depository Corporations Survey DNB
Combined DNB & MFIs balance
NL contribution to euro area monetary aggregates
Central Bank Survey DNB SDMX-ML
Interest rates1. DNB
ECB interest rates
Market rates
Financial Soundness Indicators (FSI) DNB SDMX-ML
Debt securities CBS SDMX-ML
Stock market1. DNB  
Balance of Payments DNB SDMX-ML
Official reserve assets DNB SDMX-ML
Reserves template DNB SDMX-ML
Merchandise trade CBS SDMX-ML
International Investment Position (IIP) DNB SDMX-ML
External Debt DNB SDMX-ML
Exchange rates1. DNB  
Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS)1. Participant in IMF CPIS  
Coordinated Direct Investment Survey (CDIS)1. Participant in IMF CDIS  
Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves (COFER)1. Participant in IMF COFER  
Population CBS SDMX-ML



  1. SDMX dissemination is not required for this category.