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Drie mensen die iets bespreken met een bord met plaknotities

You need your bank, insurer and pension fund to be sound and reliable, and act in your best interests. If they become involved in scandals surrounding money laundering and fraud, this could damage your confidence in the financial sector.  The sector is taking steps to combat this financial crime. However, this doesn't always go well. That is why the Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) keeps a close eye on their progress.

Financial institutions as gatekeepers

Financial institutions must act as gatekeepers. They must prevent criminal money flows from going through the financial system. We expect them to strengthen their gatekeeper function and apply the know-your-customer principle: this means they must not only get to know their new customers, but also monitor the transactions of existing customers. They must identify and report all unusual transactions as soon as possible. This reduces the risk of criminals taking advantage of your bank, for example, to launder money or finance terrorist activities.

Sound management and an open corporate culture

It is also important that financial institutions’ board members ensure sound and ethical management and that the institution's corporate culture is honest and open. After all, behaviour and culture have an impact on the results of the institution. This is why we assess board members for fitness and propriety and supervise behaviour and culture at financial institutions.

Examination and intervention

We examine the measures taken by institutions to combat financial crime. We also advise institutions on how best to do that. For example, we provide good practices documents on customer due diligence that allows them to better identify and control the risks. If institutions fail to do enough or act in non-compliance with the regulations, we can impose formal measures, such as a fine. If we think a criminal-law sanction is appropriate, we can report the institution to the Public Prosecutor's office.

European supervision of money laundering and fraud

The financial sector is taking action to combat money laundering and fraud. It is the responsibility of the national supervisory authority to supervise this. So we supervise the Dutch financial institutions, while the French supervisory authority supervises the French institutions, for example. However, crime does not care for national borders. We therefore promote more European cooperation and the establishment of a European supervisory authority.

Reporting suspicions of financial crime and fraud

Do you have suspicions of financial and economic crime and would you like to report this to DNB? You can do so through our Integrity Reporting Desk .


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