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Diverse groep mensen aan picknicktafel

Diversity and inclusion

De Nederlandsche Bank aims to increase diversity and provide a safe, inclusive working environment. We believe it is important that all our staff members can be themselves, feel at home and be appreciated for who they are - in all their diversity.

DNB aims for more diversity

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) aims to increase diversity in its broadest sense. This may include cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, age, occupational disability, education and experience. It is our firm belief that more diversity – more perspectives – means we can do our work even better. And given our organisation’s role in society, we believe it is important that our workforce reflects our diverse society.

Inclusive work environment

We are committed to an inclusive work environment in which everyone can be themselves, is not afraid to contribute their own ideas and ways of working and is appreciated for it. A recent survey (2022) shows that a vast majority of our staff members experience an inclusive workplace. Our aim is for our entire workforce to share that experience. We are fully committed to this and have initiated a culture change programme. But there is more. For example, we offers two diversity leave days a year for staff members to spend in a way that suits their philosophy of life or religious belief. Staff networks also strengthen diversity and inclusion in our organisation. Read more about these networks below.

Enhancing cultural diversity

We want DNB to reflect the Dutch labour force, in which 12% of workers have a non-Western background. At DNB, this figure is 11%, ranging from 18% in the lowest job scales to 5% in the highest scales. We are aiming to achieve more cultural diversity in all positions and at all levels. We are taking steps to that end, and inclusive recruitment and selection has recently become our standard. We also host events with culturally diverse student associations.

LGBTIQ+ inclusion

We published the DNB Out & Proud Statement on Coming Out Day in 2021. We did so to stress our commitment to diversity in terms of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. This calls for a safe and inclusive work environment, in which LGBTIQ+ staff can be themselves regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We pursue a zero tolerance policy with respect to intolerant attitudes towards LGBTIQ+ staff members. Far from being non-committal, our Out & Proud Statement also means we monitor progress in terms of our policy and practice. Among other things, the Workplace Pride  foundation subjects us to an annual benchmarking exercise.

More women at the top

Of all our staff members, 40% are now women. Our aim is to achieve more equal gender ratio. For example, we want more women in senior management. Some 37% of all managers are currently women. Our goal for 2023 is 40%, and we will continue to strive for further increases. 

Jobs for people with occupational disabilities

We want to offer work to people with physical or mental disabilities . Our aim is to provide jobs for 63 people in this group between 2022 and 2025. Of these, 45 people come under the agreement between the government and employers' and employees' organisations to provide more jobs for people with occupational disabilities. The remaining 18 people have support needs, such as magnification software due to a visual impairment.

Staff networks

We have several networks that strengthen diversity and inclusion within our organisation. They are:

  • DiverseDNB: provides a meeting place, a platform and a community for staff members who want to contribute to more visible and invisible diversity.
  • DNB International: supports and advises international staff members and promotes their engagement with DNB. This network also helps DNB further develop as an international organisation.
  • DNB Pride: aims to share experiences and promote a safe working environment for LGBTIQ+ staff members.
  • Female Capital: seeks to raise awareness about gender differences, connecting and inspiring all staff members - women and men.
  • YoungDNB: organises activities and contributes to the connection and development of young staff members.
  • Silver Club: inspires, connects and represents staff members over the age of 50 by organising a range of events. This network aims to promote vitality and facilitate sustainable employability.

More diverse and inclusive for all

We are taking steps to become more diverse and create a safe, inclusive working environment. It is our intention to make rapid progress, and we feel compelled to do so. Our historical links to slavery are an enduring mandate for us to apply ourselves to eliminating inequalities and impediments and to building a more inclusive society and a more inclusive organisation. Our aim is for everyone at DNB to experience an inclusive working environment, so that all our staff members can be themselves, feel at home and be appreciated for who they are - in all their diversity.

DNB Out And Proud statement

Download DNB Out And Proud statement