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Below you can read exactly what a bank does. And what you can find in this register. Finally, we will explain how you can search the register.

What does a bank do?

A bank offers various services, such as attracting savings from consumers and deposits from firms, and lending to consumers and firms. They also provide advice, financial intermediation and payment services. Read more about the supervision of Dutch banks  and foreign banks in the Netherlands .

What can you find in the register?

The register lists all Dutch licensed banks, and foreign banks operating in the Netherlands with a European passport. It also lists all banks that are exempted by DNB from two prohibitions. For each bank, you can see what activities the bank can carry out in the Netherlands. For Dutch banks, you can also see if they can carry out activities in the European Economic Area (EEA).

The register is updated every workday at 06:00 AM.

How do you search the register?

In the first box, select a financial service. In the second box, type the name of a bank or part of the name, and click ‘Search’. You can also leave this box empty to get the complete list. Clicking a search result will take you to a detail page with more information about the bank.


As a result of the expiry of the transitional period after Brexit, the public DNB Financial Supervision Act (Wft) register for incoming and outgoing notifications from/to the UK has been updated as of 1 January 2021. This means, for instance, that notifications entered in the Wft register for cross-border services to or from the UK, including Gibraltar, via passporting rights or the establishment of a branch, have been removed from the Wft Register. You can find an overview of the notifications that have been deleted here.