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Below you can read exactly what an insurer does. And what you can find in the register. Finally, we will explain how you can search the register.

What does an insurer do?

An insurer offers insurance. There are various types of insurers in the Netherlands, namely life insurers, non-life insurers, funeral expenses and benefits in kind insurers, and reinsurers. Reinsurers are listed in a separate register. Read more about the types of insurers  and the supervision of insurers.

What can you find in the register?

Insurers wishing to operate in the Netherlands must have a licence from DNB. But there are a few exceptions. There are also institutions offering insurance on the basis of a European passport . They have a licence in another country of the European Economic Area (EEA). You can also find this information in the register. There are licences for the provision of insurance in a particular sector, such as health insurance or car insurance. Sometimes insurers hold several licences.

The register is updated every workday at 06:00 AM.

How do you search the register?

In the first box, you can select a type of insurer. In the second box, you can type the name of an insurer or part of the name, and click ‘Search’. You can also leave this box empty to get the complete list. Clicking a search result will take you to a detail page with more information about the insurer.


As a result of the expiry of the transitional period after Brexit, the public DNB Financial Supervision Act (Wft) register for incoming and outgoing notifications from/to the UK has been updated as of 1 January 2021. This means, for instance, that notifications entered in the Wft register for cross-border services to or from the UK, including Gibraltar, via passporting rights or the establishment of a branch, have been removed from the Wft Register. You can find an overview of the notifications that have been deleted here.

Ban on the provision of cross-border services in the Netherlands by third-country insurers

Life and non-life insurers having their registered office in a non-EU Member State (third-country insurers) are no longer permitted to carry on the business of direct insurer by providing cross-border services to the Netherlands.

Direct third-country insurers are permitted –under certain conditions- to offer cross-border services to the Netherlands as long as these services are limited to reinsurance. See the link for a further explanation.

The ban on the provision of services to the Netherlands by third-country insurers entered into force on 17 March 2021. The third-country insurers affected by this ban could make use of the transitional regime until six months after this amendment to the law came into force. As a result, the public DNB Financial Supervision Act (Wft) register for incoming services of third-country insurers has been updated. The third-country insurers that make use of the transitional regime are included in the Wft register. The third-country insurers who did not apply for the transitional regime have been removed from the register. An overview of the registrations removed from the Wft register can be found here.