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Below you can read exactly what a trust office does. And what you can find in the register. Finally, we will explain how you can search the register.

What is a trust office?

A trust office provides trust services. Examples include acting as a trustee, selling companies and making a correspondence address available to a company. Read more about the various trust services and the supervision of trust offices.

What can you find in the register?

Trust offices wishing to operate in the Netherlands must have a licence or an exemption from DNB. The register lists all trust offices operating in the Netherlands.

The register is updated every workday at 06:00 AM.

How do you search the register?

In the first box, select the type of trust office. In the second box, type the name of a trust office or part of the name, and click ‘Search’. You can also leave this box empty to get the complete list. Clicking a search result will take you to a detail page with more information about the trust office.