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Applying complexity theory to interest rates: Evidence of critical transitions in the euro area

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Eurosystem has led to critical transitions in the configuration of interest rates. Complexity indicators turn out to be useful signals of tipping points and subsequent regime shifts in interest rates. We ... functioning.   Keywords: interest rates, central banks and their policies, monetary policy. JEL classifications: E43, E58, E52. Working paper no. 567 567 - Applying complexity theory to interest rates:

Bank profitability and risk-taking under low interest rates

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The aim of this paper is to investigate the impact of the unusually low interest rate environment ... rate environment indeed impairs bank performance and compresses net interest margins. Nonetheless, ... profitability, risk-taking, low interest rate environment, (dynamic) panel data models. JEL classifications: G21. Working paper no. 560 560 - Bank profitability and risk-taking under low interest rates

Pensions: actuarial interest rate

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years’ time. If the interest rate is 1%, you only need to put in €90.53. The higher the interest rate, ... (DNB) sets the actuarial interest rate based on the interest rates on the financial markets. The ... liabilities on the basis of market value. All interest rates are low Today's actuarial interest rate ... rate is low because it is based on these market rates. An actuarial interest rate that is higher than

ECB interest rates

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limit to the interest rates at which counterparties may submit bids in variable rate tenders. ... the short term money market interest. Deposit rate  Interest rate at which credit institutions may at ... The ECB Governing Council sets the key interest rates for the euro area on a monthly basis: the (minimum bid) rate on the main refinancing operations that are the basis for money market rates and

MFI Interest Rates (MIR)

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Interest Rates V1.0.1 Annotated Templates And Assertions User documentation

Composition of collateral explains divergent rates in European money market

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During the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, interest rates in the European money market were ... market. The money market fulfils an essential role in the economy. The interest rates in this short-term loan market (< 1 year) serve as the basis for interest rates on many financial products for both ... interest rates to the real economy. A fragmented money market hampers an evenly spread transmission

Decisive action needed with regard to interest-only mortgage loans

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to reduce the interest-only portion of their loans, for example by pointing out that they may use the financial leeway they get when refinancing mortgages to a lower rate to make extra repayments. ... whenever possible to reduce interest-only debt Almost 55% of the aggregate Dutch mortgage debt consists of interest-only and investment-based mortgage loans, which do not involve any contractual

Digital currency issued by central banks can protect public interests in payment systems

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could be controlled by means of interest paid on the balances and by setting limits. The market rate of interest could apply to a specific basic CBDC quantity held by each citizen or firm, and a gradually increasing scale of penalty rates could apply to balances held in excess. This would make it

514 - Macroeconomic effects of mortgage interest deduction

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This paper develops a general equilibrium model featuring tax deductible mortgage interest. There are two main results: (i) a higher mortgage interest deduction leads to higher house prices, more levered households, and a higher rate of mortgage default; (ii) when mortgage risk is high the presence of mortgage interest deduction leads to more volatile responses of the main macro-variables to

475 - Communication about future policy rates in theory and practice: A Survey

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communication, interest rate forecasts, forward guidance, inflation targeting.JEL classification: E52, E58. Working paper no. 475 475 - Communication about future policy rates in theory and practice: A Survey ... We discuss the theoretical rationale for central bank communication about future policy rates as ... communication about future policy rates in major advanced countries as well as empirical evidence on the

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