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Certification 2023 reports

The submission deadline for the audit certification 2023 is 28 June 2024. The scope is unchanged compared to last year, which means that the following reports needs to be certified: COREP OF, COREP LE, FINREP (only the highest level) and interest rate risk. Following the audit certification for reference year 2022, we have a number of points for attention:

1) Hashcode for interest rate risk. As of 2021 banks must provide a hashcode for their interest rate risk report, the same as for their COREP and FINREP reports. A (signed) copy of the report is not sufficient.

2) Completeness of the reporting obligation, which consists of the following five documents:
a. Auditor's report on the CRDV data (in XBRL format)
b. Electronic signature for the auditor's report on the CRDIV data (in XML format)
c. Auditor's report on interest rate risk (in PDF format)*
d. Result overview document (in Excel format)
e. Audit report (attachment)

3) Additional Excel report (Result overview, see point 2d). This Excel template should be filled in completely and should be in line with match the audit report, in particular for materiality. Only a reference to the audit report is not allowed.
a. COREP: Applied materiality % Change in Common Equity Tier 1 ratio
b. COREP: Overall materiality(€)
c. FINREP: % Of profit before tax
d. FINREP: Overall materiality(€)

The reporting obligation for the audit certification 2023 can be found under reference period 31 December 2023 in My DNB.

*As of December 2023, this 'Agreed Upon Procedure' (AUP) certification no longer applies to Significant institutions. For more information, please see the news item Changes in IRRBB reporting banks on the DNB website