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Een beschadigd biljet van vijftig euro

Damaged euro banknotes and coins

You can apply for an exchange of damaged euro banknotes and coins with De Nederlandsche Bank. Find out more about the various options and the conditions that apply.

Do you have a damaged euro banknote? You can receive compensation if you have more than half of the euro banknote. If less than half remains, then you can only receive compensation if you can prove that the missing part was destroyed.

You are not eligible for compensation if:

  • the euro banknotes and/or coins were deliberately damaged
  • the euro coins come from scrap metal or the recycling industry

Applying for an exchange

To apply for an exchange, we ask you to complete a form, You can either submit your application online, or use a paper form. You can submit your money to DNB in two ways: by post or by visiting our Amsterdam location (in Amsterdam as of end-April) in person. There are different options for different amounts.

Please note:

  • If the amount does not exceed €450, then you can send us your money together with the paper application form or contact us to schedule an appointment to hand in your money in person at our office in Amsterdam.
  • If the combined amount of your banknotes or coins is more than €2,000, the exchange cannot take place by post. You must submit an application first. or contact us to schedule an appointment to hand in your money in person at our exchange counter in Amsterdam.

Read more about submitting an online application below. Click here for information on submitting a paper application.

Applying for an exchange online

If you apply online, you will receive our response faster than using a paper form: we will send you our response within four weeks. If we approve your application, we will send you a form by email which contains your details. Print this form and send it, with your money, to us by post. You can also visit our exchange counter in Amsterdam. We will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Online application