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20 December 2012 Research Supervision label Working Papers

This paper analyzes the impact of a liquidity requirement similar to the Basel 3 Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) on the unsecured interbank money market and therefore on the implementation of monetary policy. Combining two unique datasets of Dutch banks from 2005 to 2011, we show that banks which are just above/below their short-term regulatory liquidity requirement pay and charge higher interest rates for unsecured interbank loans. The effect is larger for maturities longer than the liquidity requirement’s 30 day horizon. Being close to the minimum liquidity requirement induces banks to increase borrowing volumes in general while it only decreases lending volumes for maturities longer than 30 days. These results also hold when controlling for an institution’s riskiness, the solvency of its counterparts, relationship-lending and period-specific effects.
Keywords: Monetary Policy, Liquidity, Interbank Market, Basel 3.
JEL classification: G18, G21, E42.

Working paper no. 364

364 - The Impact of the LCR on the Interbank Money Market

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  • Clemens Bonner
  • Sylvester Eijffinger