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Microdata for Research

Under strict conditions, external researchers may use DNB’s data on individual institutions, i.e. the microdata. For each research project, these data are anonymised for secrecy purposes. DNB offers the microdata for research in close cooperation with Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

The microdata are made available through the internet via remote access by Statistics Netherlands’ Centre for Policy-Related Statistics. Researchers may use this internet connection to analyse the data remotely and view the results on their own screens. The data cannot be downloaded. However, following a confidentiality check, the eventual result tables may be downloaded.

Data types offered

The data available include figures DNB collects for macro-economic statistics, such as the balance of payments and monetary statistics. Overviews per sector of the available types of macro-economic data in tables can be found in the Statistics section of the website. In many cases, the corresponding microdata are available for research. It is also possible to link DNB and CBS data. Researchers can indicate which data they need. DNB will then compose a special research file, provided specific conditions are met. The data files are offered in one of the current statistical program file formats, namely SPSS, Stata or SAS.

Application conditions

As a rule, DNB’s microdata are available to researchers of:

  • Dutch universities and other institutions for scientific research;
  • Planning bureaus, such as the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP);
  • the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) and other statistical institutions of the Member States of the European Union;
  • the ECB and central banks of the ESCB.

Researchers from other institutions may apply to the Central Commission for Statistics (CCS) for authorisation to use the data. For this purpose, please contact the Netherlands Statistics’ Centre for Policy-Related Statistics.

Based on the research proposal and the intended use, DNB decides per project whether the data will be made available.


Each application starts with an intake interview at DNB, in which the researcher presents a research proposal. During this interview, the research project, availability of the required microdata and user costs are discussed. If the interview leads to agreement, a contract and secrecy agreement will be signed. The contract lays down which data files the researchers will be allowed to access and the compensation to be paid. The compensation will usually consist of two components:

  • a fee for making the required data available for use;
  • a fee for the use of the remote access facilities of Statistics Netherlands.

For more information on the compensation you may contact the Netherlands Statistics’ Centre for Policy-Related Statistics.

Information on microdata for research

Balance of Payments and Statistical Publications Department, DNB

E-mail: microdataonderzoek@dnb.nl
Mail: Postbus 98, 1000 AB Amsterdam

Information on remote access, costs and application for authorisation

Netherlands Statistics’ Centre for Policy-related Statistics
Tel.: +31 70 337 4792
E-mail: cvb@cbs.nl
Mail: Postbus 24500, 2490 HA Den Haag
Centre for Policy-Related Statistics website